Choosing Nylon Putting Greens or Polypropylene Golf Greens

Polypropylene Golf Greens – Nylon Putting Greens

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Doug Preston of DP Turf MA gives us his overview on why Polypropylene putting greens are a better choice over nylon.

“I have used both surfaces for outdoor installations and have truly found that the polypropelene is more adaptable to installing.  Practice wise, it offers a more enjoyable surface to chip, pitch and hit shots into. When using the nylon surface and hitting chip or pitch shots the golf ball will bounce and roll out, the polypropelene will stop on a dime. It reacts just like a real green.”

What about the speed are they the same?

“The putting speed of a polypropelene can have a much faster stimp reading compared to a nylon. A nylon surface will be between 9.5- 10 on the stimp meter and a polypropelene will be able to reach 11-12. That is one of the main reasons why some PGA tour players are using our polypropelene surface. The polypropelene surface resembles the speed of the green out on their tour stops.  Overall, through all of my golf experiences, I know the polypropelene putting green looks and reacts more like a real golf green when compared to nylon.”

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Nylon Putting Greens vs. Polypropylene Golf Greens

Nylon Putting Greens vs. Polypropylene Golf Greens

D.P. Turf Helps to set the record straight on why the Custom Golf/Putting Greens are Superior:

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The following post is republished from  Southwest Greens Ohio.

Knowing that different companies are utilizing different grades of products and there is a significant amount of misinformation on the internet, the below is an opinion-based synopsis from Southwest Greens International. It is not up to us to pass judgment on the competition’s product selection, installation ability or company strategy. We can, however, speak intelligently about the differences in product and why Southwest Greens has an exclusive network of certified installation based franchisees worldwide.

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Nylon Putting Greens vs. Polypropylene Golf Greens

Polypropylene greens are very labor intensive with regard to initial installation, but all good things come with a dedication to high quality installs. More than likely, those companies not correctly trained in the installation procedures of a polypropylene surface, will have major issues due to faulty installations (i.e. incorrect in-fill and top dressing which will not provide true ball roll or will result in a green being grainy, etc.). Southwest Greens is committed to continuing to refine the installation procedures and R&D needed to continue to stay ahead of the curve. We have been fortunate enough to learn from our professional endorsees (which we do not pay endorsement fees to for them to say what they say) and listen to their expertise with regard to ball reaction and true roll of a golf green. Due to our performance and execution, they have given us endorsements based on the performance of their golf greens and we know they are utilizing them, as we service their needs regularly. A few items we stress to any homeowner are: for them to test all the products that different companies are utilizing, they should call existing clientele to find out how their experience was with the company that installed their surface and make sure appropriate insurance/licenses are presented before purchasing a synthetic surface. We recommend to all our franchisees to complete all three for a prospective client. Included are photographs of nylon greens that we have personally been asked to replace due to faulty installation and poor quality. Nylon greens are typically installed over concrete (glued down) or aggregate (held down by sand). Nylon greens are what are considered “putting greens” compared to the polypropylene sand-filled “golf greens.” Every company, whether it uses nylon-based or polypropylene-based turf, has its “spin” as to why the product it installs is the best. We can’t speak for our competition and we are sure their reasons are valid in their eyes, but from our experience nylon is not the ideal product for residential backyard settings. Let us explain why we believe that: There are three types of putting surface products available (The below 3 items of information are from our yarn manufacturer and our turf manufacturer – Challenger Industries): 1. Nylon • Easier to install – (which is why we feel most companies utilize it since they save on labor time and typically charge a cheaper price) • Inconsistent product aesthetic qualities (i.e., very streaky turf at times) • Not able to chip onto the green with natural ball reaction due to short length of the yarn fibers (i.e., pile height) • Expands and contracts over concrete • More expensive in cost (due to difficulty in manufacturing without streaky defects) vs. polypropylene turf 2. Polypropylene 5700 Denier • Harder to install due to more labor intensive than nylon • Sand – filled • Typically found in shorter yarn fibers (i.e., pile height) which limits the ability to chip on the green with natural ball reaction • Breakdown occurs faster with 5700 vs. 7600 denier • Less resistant to Ultra-Violet Ray degradation vs. 7600 denier due to 5700 denier being more thin in composition • Cheaper in cost vs. 7600 denier • Face weight is 30 oz., which is less than 7600 denier face weight of 36 oz. (makes it less durable) 3. Polypropylene 7600 Denier • Harder to install due to more labor intensive than nylon • Sand – filled • More UV resistant than 5700 denier due to the thickness of product • 7600 denier is the premier product for putting greens • Southwest Greens is one of the only companies that uses 7600 denier on ALL their greens • 7600 is 25% thicker than 5700 denier; the thicker the yarn the longer the life • Better performance for putting and chipping in a residential setting and target greens at a commercial golf complex due to the thicker blade of yarn


One of the major arguments misconstrued from competitors and misinformation on the internet against a sand-filled product, is that sand-filled polypropylene greens are grainy and require a lot of maintenance. If a sand-filled green is filled and rolled appropriately, as our certified installation-based franchisees are trained, that grainy statement is far from the truth, as our golf greens simulate bent grass and should putt the same speed from all directions. After all, since we do not pay endorsement fees, our PGA tour professional clients demand a golf green that will simulate a natural golf green in not only its natural reaction for chipping, but also ensuring the ball tracks ‘true’ in its roll. Our product and our company must perform. Secondly, whether a nylon or polypropylene surface, maintenance will be required due to dirt and debris. Speed can be controlled on a sand-filled polypropylene golf green, whereas speed can not be controlled on a nylon putting green. We see the maintenance portion of the business as not only another revenue stream but a great way to ensure client satisfaction and get more business. All real golf greens get top dress maintenance, so our artificial golf greens are no different. The difference between a 7600 denier putting green and a 5700 denier putting green is a very important distinction. When we asked our yarn manufacturer they stated it is a very simple analogy as it is the difference in building a house on 2×10’s (7600 denier) and 2×6’s (5700 denier), which is going to have the opportunity to last the test of time? They stated the 7600 denier should last the test of time in comparison to the 5700 denier. The 7600 denier is the premier putting surface yarn.

Why an exclusive system of Southwest Greens certified installation based Franchisees?

Southwest Greens was started in 1996 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since inception, our company has been ingrained with a culture of dedication to high quality products and installation methods, which provide ultimate satisfaction among Southwest Greens’ clients. Our products and installation methods have been refined and improved to what we feel are “best in class.” We have made the strategic business decision to franchise our network of installers in exclusive protected territories. This allows us to maintain the dedication to high quality installations as we grow in size and scope worldwide and ultimately provide higher levels of client satisfaction among our entire system of franchisees. The only way to get the Southwest Greens product is through our system of franchisees. We have chosen not to sell turf directly to the consumer or directly to other businesses since we are not interested in attaching our name to below average installations should they occur. Moreover, our system of franchisees has secured strategic business relationships with contractors of various lines of business who understand the attentiveness to detail it takes to install a Southwest Greens product. They have chosen to refer their clients to our franchisees to give their clients what they feel is the best product on the market. We have been extremely fortunate in having the opportunity to call several PGA Tour Players, clients. We do not pay these individuals endorsement fees to say what they say. Furthermore, leading golf course architectural design company, Nicklaus Design®, has chosen Southwest Greens to exclusively offer a premium line of synthetic golf green designed by their firm (participation fee required for right to offer Nicklaus Design® line of greens). With our worldwide branding, commitment to high quality installations and relationships with our clients, our exclusive installation based franchisees protect our name and reputation in the synthetic industry.

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One of my proudest accomplishments in my life is to say, I have worked with my brother for what is coming up to 33 years in business together. We are a true owner/operator company. Derek and myself are on all construction projects, working alongside our crews. This has created a culture for the crew to always go above and beyond our customers expectations. All job sites are well thought out and prepared for a smooth construction experience. Besides exceptional quality work, we are very clean, neat and clean our job sites daily, so as to look as if we were never there. On projects that take more than a few days, a portable restroom is brought in for the duration of the project. To help with excessive lawn or site damage, we also use plywood planking to keep the damage to a minimum. We are always trying to be a great company.
To surround your new backyard living space, an architectural landscape drawing is available. We can dress up the area with shrubs, perennials and annual flowers.
Your next step is to add night lighting to your project. This will enhance the beauty of your backyard and increase your enjoyment in the evening.
We love to do this work and hope to bring our enthusiasm to your project.

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The first full week of April is like Christmas to all golfers. It is Masters Week! With Jordan Spieth, Jason Day and Rory McIlroy involved, it should be an exciting back nine on Sunday afternoon. Now that your golf juices are flowing and you are dreaming of lowering your handicap, you should think about installing a Southwest Putting Green in your backyard! This synthetic green reacts like a real green. You can hit chips, pitches and full shots into this green and the ball will check up and stop on a dime. Once I am done creating your dream, the green will putt at a 10-12 on the stimpmeter.
How great would it be to putt on a green that rolls like Augusta National?!



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Spring Tips for Lawn Fertilizing & Watering

DP Turf Tips for Watering and Fertilizing your Lawn

To everybody that has that “great lawn envy”, water and fertilizer are two very important parts of a strong, healthy lawn.  The forsythia plant is starting to bloom its bright, beautiful, yellow flower.  That means it is time to apply your dpturfma_lawnandsprinkler_springcrabgrass preventer/fertilizer application.  This is the first of 5 applications that we use for our fertilizer customers.

The end of April is also a good time to start up your lawn sprinkler system and see what type of damage might have happened over the Winter.  As the system ages, rotors can stop turning and sprays can get clogged.  Water conservation and water bans have become an important consideration for all dfp-turf-irrigation-sprinklers-MA-NHtowns.  This is one reason you should have your system checked.  The other reason is for that strong, healthy lawn.  Proper watering is vital for your lawn to grow and to stay green.


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Celebrating Over 30 Years of Business!

DP Turf is celebrating over 30 years in business!

The brother team of Doug and Derek Preston have led DP Turf over the past 30 plus years to the delight of many customers. They look forward to many more years of providing custom Turf and Landscaping solutions to their New England customers!

As of now Spring 2018; our schedule is filling up quickly and we are already starting and scheduling jobs for Spring, Summer and Fall.

We want to thank all of our customers for an amazing season in 2017. The Preston duo and DP Turf team have been scaling up this off season to continue to deliver custom large and small scale projects. DP Turf is recognized for their devout commitment to excellence and outstanding customer service.


DP Turf also has a new product to help cool off that hot synthetic turf in your playgrounds, parks, daycare centers, backyards and schools – The product is called HydroChill CLICK HERE for more information on it!

In 2014; DP Turf – Southwest Greens premier supplier of synthetic custom turf had projects in Rye NH, Golf hitting cage with synthetic turf and two hitting mats at the Vesper Country Club in Tyngsboro MA and Hardscape and Landscape projects with walls, brick patio and a synthetic lawn installation in Andover MA – and may other unique custom turf and landscape projects all emanating from the areas experts in custom putting greens, backyard greens and landscape projects! Last season alone we provided service to clients in; Newton, Wellesley, Wayland, Andover, North Andover, Sudbury, Lincoln, Gloucester, Manchester by the Sea, Needham,Cambridge, Boston,Weston, Winchester, Lexington and many more throughout MetroWest and Southeastern MA.

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