Choosing Nylon Putting Greens or Polypropylene Golf Greens

Polypropylene Golf Greens – Nylon Putting Greens

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Doug Preston of DP Turf MA gives us his overview on why Polypropylene putting greens are a better choice over nylon.

“I have used both surfaces for outdoor installations and have truly found that the polypropelene is more adaptable to installing.  Practice wise, it offers a more enjoyable surface to chip, pitch and hit shots into. When using the nylon surface and hitting chip or pitch shots the golf ball will bounce and roll out, the polypropelene will stop on a dime. It reacts just like a real green.”

What about the speed are they the same?

“The putting speed of a polypropelene can have a much faster stimp reading compared to a nylon. A nylon surface will be between 9.5- 10 on the stimp meter and a polypropelene will be able to reach 11-12. That is one of the main reasons why some PGA tour players are using our polypropelene surface. The polypropelene surface resembles the speed of the green out on their tour stops.  Overall, through all of my golf experiences, I know the polypropelene putting green looks and reacts more like a real golf green when compared to nylon.”

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Artificial Turf Vs Carpet & Flooring?

Artificial turf — isn’t that like carpet or flooring?

Artificial turf, artificial golf putting green grass turf, residential & commercial artificial turf installation

Artificial grass turf and Artificial lawn turf for residential or commercial installation has made great strides. If you are interested in professional-quality artificial putting green turf or long-bladed artificial golf turf for your backyard, you have come to the right place. No longer does artificial turf only reside inside domed football and baseball stadiums, or at your local putt-putt course.

Artificial grass turf from DP Turf can bring that same athletic feel and flawless green color to your very own home landscape. Let us help you replace that nagging lawn, with its dead patches uneven texture, and weeds. Instead, try our perfectly groomed, precisely even, bug free artificial turf. Never again will you worry about watering, fertilizing, edging, or mowing. Never again will you have to spend hours working in the heat trying to make your yard look better than the neighbor’s. Now, you can enjoy the look and feel of your artificial grass turf without the time-consuming, money-spending, energy-draining effort of maintenance. Our artificial turf always looks amazing, no matter what time of year! And if you want to add a bit of entertainment and competition to your home landscape, we can provide installation of artificial putting green turf for practicing those tournament-winning strokes, as well as artificial golf turf as fringe so you don’t forget about your chipping game.

A beautiful lawn, outdoor enjoyment with friends, and no stress can all be yours with artificial grass turf from DP Turf. If you are ready to make your life easier withbackyard artificial putting green turf, artificial golf turf, or an artificial turf lawn, we are ready to help. For the best commercial and residential artificial turf installation, call DP Turf today.

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