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One of my proudest accomplishments in my life is to say, I have worked with my brother for what is coming up to 33 years in business together. We are a true owner/operator company. Derek and myself are on all construction projects, working alongside our crews. This has created a culture for the crew to always go above and beyond our customers expectations. All job sites are well thought out and prepared for a smooth construction experience. Besides exceptional quality work, we are very clean, neat and clean our job sites daily, so as to look as if we were never there. On projects that take more than a few days, a portable restroom is brought in for the duration of the project. To help with excessive lawn or site damage, we also use plywood planking to keep the damage to a minimum. We are always trying to be a great company.
To surround your new backyard living space, an architectural landscape drawing is available. We can dress up the area with shrubs, perennials and annual flowers.
Your next step is to add night lighting to your project. This will enhance the beauty of your backyard and increase your enjoyment in the evening.
We love to do this work and hope to bring our enthusiasm to your project.

DP Turf is your source for Southwest Greens in MA and NH!

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DP Turf – Backyard Putting Greens – Custom Synthetic Turf

Backyard Putting Greens MA & NH

Custom Turf, Landscaping and Irrigation solutions for MA and NH

Celebrating Over 30 Years of Business!

DP Turf is celebrating over 30 years in business!

The brother team of Doug and Derek Preston have led DP Turf over the past 30 plus years to the delight of many customers. They look forward to many more years of providing custom Turf and Landscaping solutions to their New England customers!

As of now Spring 2018; our schedule is filling up quickly and we are already starting and scheduling jobs for Spring, Summer and Fall.

We want to thank all of our customers for an amazing season in 2017. The Preston duo and DP Turf team have been scaling up this off season to continue to deliver custom large and small scale projects. DP Turf is recognized for their devout commitment to excellence and outstanding customer service.


DP Turf also has a new product to help cool off that hot synthetic turf in your playgrounds, parks, daycare centers, backyards and schools – The product is called HydroChill CLICK HERE for more information on it!

In 2014; DP Turf – Southwest Greens premier supplier of synthetic custom turf had projects in Rye NH, Golf hitting cage with synthetic turf and two hitting mats at the Vesper Country Club in Tyngsboro MA and Hardscape and Landscape projects with walls, brick patio and a synthetic lawn installation in Andover MA – and may other unique custom turf and landscape projects all emanating from the areas experts in custom putting greens, backyard greens and landscape projects! Last season alone we provided service to clients in; Newton, Wellesley, Wayland, Andover, North Andover, Sudbury, Lincoln, Gloucester, Manchester by the Sea, Needham,Cambridge, Boston,Weston, Winchester, Lexington and many more throughout MetroWest and Southeastern MA.

Thank you for stopping by – for a quote please give us a call at 978.250.5996 or 978.392.1918 you can also reach us by email doug@dpturfma.com

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DP Turf is your source for Southwest Greens in MA and NH!


Thank you!

Doug and Derek Preston

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Backyard Putting Greens-Custom Synthetic Turf


Why consider a synthetic putting green?

 Synthetic Putting Golf Green

Synthetic putting green, synthetic green amenities are quickly making their way to the top of the list of preferred backyard entertainment ideas. A synthetic green allows family and friends to enjoy the sport of golf without the costs of visiting a golf course. When thinking about installing a synthetic golf putting green in your backyard, DP Turf is the company to contact. Playing on a synthetic indoor putting green is not unreasonable. Many people who live in colder climates can now enjoy the game of golf on their own indoor synthetic putting green. You may install one of our synthetic putting greens for both residential and commercial applications.

You can now enjoy your favorite game at any time without leaving the comfort of your own home. Having a synthetic putting green in your backyard saves you time. You no longer have to drive out to the golf course simply to practice; you can practice our favorite game in your backyard. Our high quality synthetic green resembles the real thing. The fibers on our synthetic green are resilient enough to last for years and real enough to simulate real turf. What are you waiting for? A Southwest Greens synthetic putting green from DP Turf is the way to go.

Many commercial indoor golf facilities are being introduced across the country as another form of entertainment for people to experience. The turf used in Southwest’s installations is synthetic and requires very minimal maintenance. That’s why the popularity is increasing everyday.

A synthetic putting green installed by DP Turf allows you to practice and perfect the stroke you use on the course. The manufacturer guarantees our synthetic green turf for years of enjoyment. Contact DP Turf for more information on a synthetic golf putting green or a synthetic indoor putting green, for both residential and commercial purposes.

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Landscaping, Hardscaping, Irrigation and Backyard Solutions

DP Turf had been in business for over 25 years!

DP Turf are Experienced Professionals who continue to deliver excellent customer service and top of line products.

The Preston Brothers; Doug and Derek have built DP Turf on Word of Mouth Marketing – Referrals for a quarter century. Experience the difference when you hire the experienced industry professionals at DP Turf for your next Turf, Landscape, Hardscape or Irrigation job.

DP Turf has been operating at the same high standards of excellence for the past 25 years. Delivering the same outstanding customer service to satisfied clients year after year.

For a quote or to talk to Doug or Derek please give a call to 978.250.5996 or 978.392.1918 you can also reach us by email doug@dpturfma.com.