DP Turf Tips for Watering and Fertilizing your Lawn

To everybody that has that “great lawn envy”, water and fertilizer are two very important parts of a strong, healthy lawn.  The forsythia plant is starting to bloom its bright, beautiful, yellow flower.  That means it is time to apply your dpturfma_lawnandsprinkler_springcrabgrass preventer/fertilizer application.  This is the first of 5 applications that we use for our fertilizer customers.

The end of April is also a good time to start up your lawn sprinkler system and see what type of damage might have happened over the Winter.  As the system ages, rotors can stop turning and sprays can get clogged.  Water conservation and water bans have become an important consideration for all dfp-turf-irrigation-sprinklers-MA-NHtowns.  This is one reason you should have your system checked.  The other reason is for that strong, healthy lawn.  Proper watering is vital for your lawn to grow and to stay green.


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