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Few areas require the intense durability and drainability than those that house pets, and our Golden Bear Grass Pet Turf provides just that.  Ours is a turf backing system based on Duraflo technology, which allows for superior flow through rates on drainage.  Best of all, Golden Bear Grass is 100 percent recyclable and is a GREEN product, making it the perfect surface for your pets to run and play on. Our Pet Turf is perfect for kennels, backyards or commercial pet resorts to ensure playability 365 days a year for your pet.

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DP Turf had been in business for over 25 years!
DP Turf are Experienced Professionals who continue to deliver excellent customer service and top of line products.
DP Turf has been operating at the same high standards of excellence for the past 25 years and delivering the same outstanding customer service to satisfied clients year after year.
The Preston Brothers; Doug and Derek have built DP Turf on Word of Mouth Marketing – Referrals for a quarter century. Experience the difference when you hire the experienced industry professionals at DP Turf for your next Turf, Landscape, Hardscape or Irrigation job.
For a quote or to talk to Doug or Derek please give a call to 978.250.5996 or 978.392.1918 you can also reach us by email doug@dpturfma.com or click here for our contact form.
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