Synthetic Grass Solutions 

If any family member should have a say in the implementation of artificial grass it should probably be the family dog.  After all, they are the ones who will spend a large chunk of their time playing, sleeping, and doing their business on it.  How do pets react to fake grass lawns versus the real thing?   In fact, the advantages of residential synthetic grass as it pertains to pets are ones that will make life easier for pet and pet owner alike.

Also available in commercial turf and playground turf applications, our artificial grass makes cleaning up after your dog and maintaining your yard in light of his or her natural digging and exploring instincts much easier.  Urine is not an issue with artificial grass.   It will simply pass through and evaporate or drain into the ground.  And because synthetic grass is immune to the chemicals in dog waste, the yellow grass stains associated with it will be a thing of the past as well.  Most dog waste stays on top of the synthetic for easy clean up, and the rest is easily removed by a quick spray with your hose.

Artificial lawns also provide pets with a soft and enjoyable surface on which to run and play year round.  No matter the weather, dogs can go outside to play and/or do their business without you having to worry about muddy paws and dirty coats when they return to the house.  Plus you won’t have to worry about keeping dogs off the lawn on days you’ve fertilized or put chemicals down, or about fleas and ticks because bugs simply don’t take to synthetic grass.  Best of all, artificial grass is immune to a dogs’ efforts to dig it up.  There’s simply no digging up an artificial lawn, which means less repair work in the yard every time your pet decides to get a little mischievous.

Every pet deserves a consistently perfect surface with which to run and play on year round.  At the same time, every owner deserves a yard that makes cleaning up after their pets quick and easy.  Of the many advantages of artificial grass, one of the most wonderful is that it is a surface that works for pet owners every bit as much as the pets they love.


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