Putting Green FAQs – Golf Green, Putting Course, Synthetic Grass

Why should I choose SWG for my putting green installation?

Our putting green installations feature indoor and backyard artificial putting greens built with the finest USA made 100% recyclable synthetic greens and timely putting green construction. When you install a putting green you’ll enjoy the convenience of a private practice facility. Build a green of your own by beginning your golf green construction

Do you offer golf course installation of Nicklaus Design greens?
Our golf course installations and golf course designs include patented Nicklaus Design synthetic grass greens made from the industry’s finest artificial turf. Golf green construction at DP Turf now employs Nicklaus golf course quality and the finest artificial greens and golf course construction available today. Install a USA made putting green of 100% recyclable synthetic turf and elevate your game on our synthetic greens.

Does your golf course construction work in any size yard/space?
We’ve performed golf course construction of many shapes and sizes, and are experts at golf course design and golf course installation. Our 100% recyclable greens use the finest fake grass for the most realistic artificial greens on the market. Putting green construction of our Nicklaus synthetic greens takes location and climate into consideration. Begin golf green construction and install a putting green today.

Do you offer custom golf course design?
We offer custom miniature golf course design and golf course construction including quick and easy construction and installation. Our builders use only the finest artificial turf and synthetic grass, and each of our USA made 100% lead free synthetic turf course designs are built to customer specifications. Let DP Turf bring the game home to you.

Do your synthetic greens play like natural grass greens?
Our synthetic greens made from synthetic turf give you a true roll every time. Begin your golf course construction and putting green installation and see how real our 100% lead free USA made synthetic putting greens can be. We’ll custom design your synthetic grass green as we do with every golf course installation. Golf green construction is easy, so why not install a golf green of your own?

Artificial lawn installation – what options do I have?
Artificial grass lawn and artificial turf lawn installation is our specialty! We offer the most experienced artificial lawn installation team available for commercial properties and residential backyards

Artificial turf — isn’t that like carpet or flooring?
Artificial grass turf and Artificial lawn turf for residential or commercial installation has made great strides. If you are interested in professional-quality artificial putting green turf or long-bladed artificial golf turf for your backyard, you have come to the right place. No longer does artificial turf only reside inside domed football and baseball stadiums, or at your local putt-putt course

Artificial grass — is it right for me?
Artificial grass and artificial grass lawns are great for anyone that wants beautiful looking, maintenance-free grass all year long. Whether you need commercial or residential artificial grass, or are looking for golf green installation in your backyard, we offer the best artificial grass installation in the business.

Synthetic grass — where can I install it?
Synthetic grass lawns and synthetic grass putting greens are great alternatives to natural grass. If you are looking for commercial or residential installation of synthetic grass at your business or in your backyard, we are the synthetic grass installation team for you. It is time to turn that grassy area from a place of time-consuming work to a place of maintenance-free beauty. Stop worrying about it and start enjoying it!

Synthetic turf — how does it work?
Synthetic turf putting greens and synthetic grass turf for residential and commercial properties are the latest trend in landscaping. Get your backyard synthetic turf through the number one synthetic turf installation team on the market now!

Is your backyard golf green resistant to weather?
When you purchase a backyard golf green from DP Turf, you’ll be granted the ability to enjoy your favorite game whenever you want without worrying about weather conditions. The great thing about our outdoor golf green is that it is resistant to weather

Does DP Turf install backyard putting greens?
DP Turf installs backyard putting greens, outdoor putting greens, commercial greens, and residential golf amenities worldwide. We are the industry leader in artificial putting green construction. Our long bladed artificial golf green is so realistic that people have mistakenly mowed it in the past! We have years of experience installing and designing backyard putting greens. Don’t trust an inexperienced company to install your backyard putting green.

Can I install a golf green in my backyard?
DP Turf has installed thousands of artificial golf greens in backyards. Leave the planning to the experts. If you want an indoor synthetic golf green or outdoor golf green, DP Turf will help you build that golf green.

How long does a home golf green construction project last?
A home golf green construction project will depend on the size of the backyard golf green and the landscape of your yard. DP Turf has years of experience designing and implementing home golf green construction projects, and the entire process shouldn’t take too long. In addition to home golf green construction, DP Turf is also known in the industry for commercial golf green construction and residential turf construction.

What is your synthetic home golf green made of?
DP Turf’ artificial home golf green is made of high quality polyethylene material. This material makes our synthetic golf green versatile and helps it move just like natural grass. Our residential golf green is the perfect replacement for your natural grass lawn. Your kids will have hours of enjoyment on our beautiful synthetic turf. Our home golf putting green is the best replacement lawn available. You no longer have to worry about your water bill getting out of control. Our home golf green is low maintenance and long lasting. Get yourself an artificial golf green today.

 Thinking of a home putting green?
You can get a high quality synthetic home putting green from DP Turf. DP Turf has locations worldwide. Wherever in the world you are, you’ll be able to find a DP Turf that will provide you with a home putting green. DP Turf’ golf putting greens remarkably resemble natural grass. Our natural looking synthetic turf is the ideal residential putting green. Golfers all over the world take advantage of this groundbreaking technology. DP Turf has designed the absolute best residential putting green on the market.

Why is an indoor putting green a great investment?
An indoor putting green at your own residence gives you years of entertainment and the ability to improve your game without leaving your home! An indoor golf putting green appeals to those in colder climates where the weather prohibits playing golf outdoors. A synthetic practice putting green would also be a great addition to your commercial property whether it is a business or residential community. DP Turf is the industry leader in synthetic turf, and we will recommend the best quality indoor putting green that best matches your home.

Outdoor golf greens, what types of golf greens are available?
DP Turf specializes in building backyard golf greens, as well as residential, commercial, and synthetic amenities. DP Turf is the leader in the industry for professional synthetic golf greens. The golf green construction industry is on the rise and DP Turf is at the top. Building a golf green for your backyard doesn’t have to sound like a dream. Let the leader of golf green amenities build your next backyard golf green.

Why choose DP Turf for your outdoor putting greens?
Building outdoor putting greens is what DP Turf specializes in. DP Turf has years of experience building putting greens and designing backyard putting greens for residential and commercial uses, as well as for many players in the Professional Golfers Association (PGA). DP Turf will build small to large synthetic golf greens for yourself or your company. You can rely on DP Turf to build you a professional commercial putting green or a professional backyard golf green

 What is the installation timeline for an artificial putting green?
Artificial putting green installations in residences and commercial settings can be a fast process when you choose a professional artificial putting green installation company. DP Turf has years of experience installing and constructing putting greens for homes and businesses worldwide. Choose a reputable company when thinking about installing a putting green indoors, outdoors, or for your business. DP Turf’ synthetic putting greens are what many professional athletes from the PGA proudly endorse. Practice on the golf green that professionals practice on; practice on a synthetic green from DP Turf.

Is residential putting green construction expensive?
Home golf putting green construction popularity has increased in the past years and DP Turf is leading the pack! A backyard putting green construction project is affordable when you choose an industry leader of putting greens like DP Turf.

 Why consider a synthetic putting green?
Synthetic putting green, synthetic green amenities are quickly making their way to the top of the list of preferred backyard entertainment ideas. A synthetic green allows family and friends to enjoy the sport of golf without the costs of visiting a golf course. When thinking about installing a synthetic golf putting green in your backyard, DP Turf is the company to contact. Playing on a synthetic indoor putting green is not unreasonable. Many people who live in colder climates can now enjoy the game of golf on their own indoor synthetic putting green. You may install one of our synthetic putting greens for both residential and commercial applications.