Building and Construction of Outdoor Golf Green

DP Turf specializes in building backyard golf greens, as well as residential, commercial, and synthetic amenities. DP Turf is the leader in the industry for professional synthetic golf greens. The golf green construction industry is on the rise and DP Turf is at the top. Building a golf green for your backyard doesn’t have to sound like a dream. Let the leader of golf green amenities build your next backyard golf green.

The outdoor golf green is up there in popularity with swimming pools. Golf players nationwide are excited about building golf greens in their backyards. Southwest’s outdoor golf greens are the highest quality artificial greens nationwide. Join the many professional athletes that are already practicing and playing on their own backyard golf green.

Even commercial settings are becoming the ideal area for a synthetic turf amenity. Our custom designed, sand filled greens are an ever-popular trend for home entertainment. Building a golf green in your backyard is now a reality. Even if you are not a golfer yourself you may be interested in building a golf green to add color to your landscaping. An outdoor golf green by DP Turf will enhance your backyard and add value to your home. Golf green construction is a popular industry to be involved in. Water conservation, minimal maintenance, and years of entertainment are just a few reasons why the synthetic outdoor golf green is gaining strength in popularity. Unlike swimming pools, these amenities can be used year-round (weather permitting). Improve your game on your own backyard golf green, and contact DP Turf for more information on purchasing an outdoor golf green.

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